BUG: Double dotted notes broken with MusicXML export

This has been causing errors in my parts for a couple of sessions now, so I figured I should investigate what’s going on.

What happens is Cubase produces an incorrect result for MusicXML exports when using double dotted notes. For example a double dotted half note from Cubase looks like this:

				<dot />

The duration is correct for the 480 division, but when importing the MusicXML to Sibelius, the thing that gets put on the page is not the duration, but the type as well as the amount of dots. And as shown, there’s only a single dot. So this will show up as a single dotted half note and screw up the timing of the bar. The duration parameter I suppose is why Sibelius doesn’t even show the remaining 8th as a rest, further complicating things.

This is fairly trivial to fix obviously, as the MusicXML export only needs to add the correct number of dot tags. Hopefully Steinberg can get this in quickly. Thanks for reading.

Confirmed here with Finale. Same result.