BUG: Dropdown Menu doesn't display (2nd Screen/Monitor)


I’m not sure if this has been mention before, so apologies if it has.

Score (write/engrave) Dropdown Menu doesn’t display/function on 2nd Monitor.

When trying to use the dropdown to choose a part the dropdown menu does not function if that application is displayed on my (display 2) 2nd monitor… however, if I move the application to (display 1) 1st monitor the dropdown works.

I’m using the latest version of windows 11 pro using version (Jul 12 2022) of Dorico.

Can you confirm if that has been reported and whether you require anymore information.

Kind regards

EDIT: Observations…

It seems to vary based on which screen the application is on

Display 1 (1st Monitor): Works
Display 2 (2nd Monitor): Doesn’t work

Curiously, if I drag the window half way across to display 2 (2nd Monitor) it sort of works
NOTE: The dropdown menu “may not always” be on the correct display or placement

The moment I move it fully to display 2 (monitor 2) it doesn’t work.

See here for the most recent thread on this topic.

Hi Pianoleo,

Daniel referenced:

Yes, this is a known problem with the Qt application framework when you have multiple monitors with different sizes/resolutions/scale factors.

To the best of my knowledge, this doesn’t seem to be the issue I’m experiencing as both my monitors are identical in terms of model, size/resolution/scale and settings.

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Perhaps it would be helpful to Daniel if you told us the specifications of your two monitors (both makes and models but also current resolutions/scale factors).

LG 27" 27GP950-B 3180x2160 IPS NANO 144Hz 1ms
FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible LED Widescreen Gaming Monitor

Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Scale: 150% (recommended)

No alterations in the Nvidia Control Panel