Bug: Duplicate to staff above/below nukes voices

When using this functionality, everything is combined into the first voice. Why? I’m assuming this is a bug.

If you copy and paste rather than duplicate, voices appear as expected.

Why would you assume it’s a bug when it’s documented in the manual?

…and when the Product Manager has previously stated that it’s intended behaviour?

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That is surprising given the meaning of the word “duplicate”.

If you want to paste into a specific voice, there is an option for that.

That’s exactly why I find the behavior confounding. Paste, by default, maintains voices unless you use the variant that doesn’t.

Logically, duplicate should, well, duplicate.

So by duplicate, you mean it should not erase the existing music on the destination staff? (That would be what duplicating one set of notes on the staff below would mean, strictly speaking.) I doubt that’s what you mean.

If voices are to be retained and stems are to be different, would the new notes be pasted into a stems-down voice? Would they be pasted into a stems-up voice and automatically move existing notes to a stems-down voice?

I think you can see why the shortcut cannot read everyone’s mind.

Existing music certainly complicates things, but the way I use it there never is any.

Like, for instnace, the work I’m entering now has long sections where the strings are divisi (simple, not worth using actual divisi staves for), and VI, V2, and Vla are playing the same thing (in different octaves).