Bug: Duplicate to stave below?

If I duplicate to a stave below when in Page View, the music is copied to the hidden clarinet instrument which will (later) be used by the 1st tenor sax part. The clarinet stave suddenly appears in view. If I delete the music from it, the clarinet stave doesn’t disappear again.

I now cannot get the clarinet stave to disappear although I have emptied it of music.

If I add some notes to the clarinet at a later point in the score - after the bars which I had duplicated and then emptied, it finally goes away.

Bit messy.


As far as Dorico’s concerned, you’ve added some notes in the Clarinet and the Tenor Sax, then you’ve deleted the ones in the Tenor Sax. I’m guessing there are no notes in either instrument from this point onwards.

At this point, Dorico doesn’t know which instrument you’re going to continue using, so it shows both staves. Add notes beyond the existing notes in either instrument and Dorico will automatically hide the other staff.

I suppose it makes sense that it might I’m intending to add to the clarinet, having just done so and made a correction. Took a while to work out how to get rid of it!