[BUG] Duplicating a group track messes up input list

Repro (blank project with mono output):

  1. Create a mono group “Group 1”
  2. Create a mono audio track “Audio 01”. Set the track input to “Group 1”
  3. Duplicate “Group 1”. Name it “Group 2”.
  4. Create a mono audio track “Audio 02”
  5. [BUG] Groups input list for “Audio 01” lists “Group 1” twice, both checked. Input list for “Audio 02” lists “Group 1” twice.

Clicking an item in “Audio 02” restores correct list. Clicking an item in “Audio 01” doesn’t.

Until it’s fixed I cannot use Duplicate command on groups.
Nuendo 5.5.4 x64

Confirm – on Mac too.

This is the same in the Cubase 6.5. The problem is with using Groups on Input buses, not on Outputs.

In the Cubase 7, it’s fixed. Probably Nuendo 6 will fixed it too.

I hope they fix it in 5.5.5 also. Fingers crossed.