Bug? Duplicating Flow Containing Independent Voice Playback

When you duplicate a flow which contains a staff/instrument with Independent Voice Playback enabled, the instrument doesn’t play in the new flow. Here’s an example:
Duplicating Flows With Independent Voice Playback Test.dorico (562.9 KB)

There’s a simple fix: in Play Mode, edit the track routing of the instrument in the original flow with “Edits apply to… All flows” selected. This seems to complete the playback setup in the new flow.

If it’s a bug, it’s obviously minor, but just thought I’d document it, like polishing a really nice car…

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Unfortunately, this bug is less benign than I thought. It seems at least some MIDI data in staves with Indecent Voice Playback (ha! – keeping it in), that is, Independent Voice Playback is not duplicated when duplicating a flow.

Here are steps to reproduce with project below:

  1. Open project (Key Editor is open showing Clarinet, CC 50).
  2. Go to Setup Mode.
  3. Duplicate flow.
  4. Go to Write Mode.
  5. Select item in Harp treble clef staff, bar 1 of new flow.

No instrument is selected in Key Editor.

  1. Do the fix from above post:
  1. Go to Write Mode.
  2. Select item in Harp treble clef staff, bar 1 of new flow.

Harp staff (a) now shows, but the MIDI point in the corresponding position of the original flow is not there.

Duplicate Flow Test.dorico (1.1 MB)

This issue might be related to the following, which also concerns Independent Voice Playback not playing nice with flows:

EDIT: This appears to be an issue also when importing a flow (although track routing appears ok in that case).

Thanks for this. I can reproduce the problem in 5.0.20, but I believe this is something we’ve already fixed since that release, so you should find it will OK in the next update.


Good news! Looking forward to it.

Do you happen to know if the possibly related issue mentioned above (Key Editor unexpectedly updating to different staff) has also been addressed?

Thanks a lot!

Please be patient – I will come back to your other thread as soon as I am able to.

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