Bug during Export mixdown


Cubase freeze when trying to export mixdown into Wav.
I waited the whole night yesterday, this morning, was still frozen.

See attached.

I have tried several times, it alwayse freeze, and I have to Force quit.

Any idea?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Does it work, if you export in Real time, please?

Real time export worked!
But normal export doesn’t work.

It’s weird as there are 0 third party plugins, all stock.
And there are some VST: Komplete, EZBass & EZ Drummer, all legit with a license.
I’d love to understand what’s hapenning and fix this.


Some last NI Kontakt updates are quite shaky…

Have you tried the Safe Start Mode, please?


If safe mode is relaunching Cubase with no external plugins activated, so only stock.
I did tried that, and it seemed to work yes.