[bug] dynamics in note entry

As always, there’s a chance I’m missing something obvious, but here’s the issue.

  1. Enter a note with dynamics
  2. exit note entry and re-enter note entry
  3. hit r to copy bar
  4. hit shift + < for a hairpin. Doesn’t work.
  5. Hit R again.
  6. hit Shift < again. Hairpin is added but in the wrong direction (>)

This only happens when in note entry mode. I would like to stay in note entry mode and quickly add a hairpin. I’m sure some may say I’ll just have to exit note entry. I would like to stay in note entry mode and quickly add the hairpin. I feel like I may be missing something obvious…

I made a gif as that sometimes shows the issue more clearly

If you’re in note entry, hairpins begin where the caret is, but they won’t actually appear until you’ve hit Space at least once. This is by design.
I have no idea whether hairpins are supposed to extend when there’re no bars for them to extend into, but you appear to be doing things in a rather odd order.

Hitting r puts the caret at the end of the bar. I want to hit r say 4 times and on the last bar add a decresc hairpin just for that bar, then continue inputting. Is that odd? I dunno…

ok, so I get out of note entry for a moment, add the hairpin, hairpin is still selected, tab doesn’t bring me back to the note, enter brings up the popover so now need shift N for note entry, note entry from here brings me to the start of the same bar with the hairpin still selected, ctrl right arrow, r, and now back in business. This seems more odd (not having a go, just trying to find a good workflow).

EDIT: ok, may have found something that is not as odd. As I’m inputting, if I know there’s a hairpin coming up, hit shift + < when the caret is at the end of a bar (e.g. after hitting r to copy the previous bar), hit r, and then hit shift + < again. This works. It means I have to keep more in my head and wonder what the devs/others think about the ability to drop a hairpin in a bar that the note is selected in while in note entry mode.

The problem, I believe, is that “R” doesn’t do the same thing to the caret as hitting Space. It doesn’t give length to the crescendo in the same way as Space does.
The solution, as designed, is to type Shift-, (<) before you hit R, then type Shift-/ (?) to tell the hairpin where to end.