Bug (edit: maybe not) in MIDI export (wrong channel on a track) with multiple endpoints

Hi folks,

I believe I’m running into a bug with MIDI export in Dorico. Summary: For instruments past the 16th, the notes in the exported MIDI use the wrong channel. To illustrate (it’s a bit verbose, but I think it’s helpful to walk through the complete setup):

Here’s a sample project with the jazz big band template:

MidiTest.dorico (1.2 MB)

Here are some screenshots showing some of the VST setup:

Notice that the Drums are the first and only instrument on the second HALion instance, and are channel 1.

Here’s what the music looks like:

Just 4 (different) quarter notes for each instrument to illustrate the issue.

I export the MIDI (attached) and open in a MIDI viewer, and here’s what I see for the drums:

MidiTest - Full score - Flow 1.mid (1.5 KB)

Notice that the Program CC events have the correct channel, 1, but the notes at the bottom have 10.

Looking at the 9th instrument (a trumpet in this case), doesn’t exhibit this issue:

So, it seems like it’s an issue with some endpoints and not others.

Am I missing something? Is this a known bug? Any workaround?


AFAIK, MIDI always handles drums on channel 10.

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Oh, fascinating. It seems I have misunderstood what was going on and what the expectation should be, then. To verify, I added a new instrument to the second endpoint and it stays on the correct channel. So it does seem to be specific to drums in this case.

However, the above is a contrived example intended to test and demonstrate something I’m seeing in my real project (which I can’t share here).

For my bass guitar, the configured endpoint channel is 3, and that’s where the CC’s come in, but all the notes come in on channel 5.

Are there other such special cases for other instruments like bass?

It is seeming less likely that this is a bug, but it’s definitely not the behavior I would want or expect. Is there any way to change it?

I get the same thing.