Bug: Empty page in print mode after changing staff size

When in print mode reducing the staff size in layout options results in an empty last page. After switching to another layout or mode and coming back to print mode everything is o.k.

When increasing the staff size the last page seems to be missing.

Are you changing the staff size in the Layout Options dialog while in Print mode? If so, you should find that if you either come out of Print mode and go back into it, or change a setting in the right-hand panel will cause the preview to be regenerated. If you’re doing something else, please provide more details of the actual steps you’re taking. Thanks!

This is exactly what I’m doing. This is not really a problem for me, but I wonder wether this could be “repaired” in the future.

Btw.: My friend (a professional arranger) and I as former Sibelius users do the complete work for our ensemble (13 Players) in Dorico now. We both LOVE Dorico! It’s worth every single €.

I would advise against making these kinds of edits in Print mode anyway, though of course they work. I expect you’re choosing to do it in Print mode so that you can view the page exactly as it will print. We plan to add options in the future to hide all non-printing items in Write mode so you can do a better preview with the additional flexibility of zooming, scrolling and panning in Write mode.

I’m glad you’re happy with Dorico! That’s very good to hear.