Bug: Event louder in Spectralayers ARA2?

HI, things are louder in Spectralayers, can’t remember if it was always like this, or a new bug.

I can’t hear anything


I mean there is no sound in your video

I don’t think there’s ever been sound in the entire computer history of .gifs mate.

try looking at the meters I clearly obviously included in the gif.

What is the layer volume in SL? Maybe you added some gain there by accident…

No I haven’t added any gain, it’s instantaneous every time it’s added to an event.

Ok I checked it… can’t see any difference with or without SL in my project. (Nuendo 11)
But I only have a Pro-Q3 instance in the track and did not apply any other processing to the audio.

Maybe it interferes with other processing…!?
Can you hear a difference? Or is it just the meters?
How could we narrow it? Insert metering right at the end of the channel?

There is an audible difference

You claim there’s an audible difference, but you don’t provide an audio file so that other people can confirm it. Brilliant.

What so the meters are lying? And my ears are lying about a nearly 6db difference? Why do you need me to bounce an audio file?

Brilliant post you tool, look at the fkin meter difference. I don’t need your confirmation about what I’m hearing, thanks, I’ve been doing this for 30 years. If you want to be a help, instead of a moron, go repeat the steps in your own session and report back.

I have run just a couple of short events, but I am not seeing this behaviour. what your gif shows is that the peak level is +6 db higher AFTER you add SL7 in Cubase. Right now I just tested in StONEv5. I will need to see how this works in Cubase.

Yes after SL7 is added. Once I bounce the event, it goes back to normal volume - so it doesn’t bake the volume change bug into the audio file. It is just a monitoring level change somewhere between SL and Cubase.