BUG: Every shortcut for "Staff Spacing" leads into error message

Hi developers,

when i try to assign and then use the shortcut for the “Staff Spacing” switch
this error message pops up:

Dear Jörg,
I assigned Alt-cmd-4 to this one since it’s there and never got this kind of error…

Now try using the mouse. If the switch works with the mouse then there may well be a bug. If the switch doesn’t work with the mouse, you’ve probably got something else switched on that won’t let you interact with Note Spacing; the Frames switch, perhaps.

Good morning,
since you are both on mac it is maybe a windows only issue. I have also not overwritten any previous key command and tried quite a few different ones, mouse works fine…

Read my footer carefully - you can’t assume I’m on mac :wink:

I think the problem is that the command (incorrectly) appears in two categories, and you can only assign a key command to the one that appears in the Edit category, not the one in the Engrave category.

Hello Daniel,
strange, but you are right.
I thought that as i do my staff spacing in Engrave mode i chose the Engrave section of the key commands…
Maybe you should just remove it from Edit.

Thanks for doing a great job in working on this software and answering all the forum stuff, i appreciate it!