[BUG]: Export Audio Mixdown - Can't use arrow keys

When I’m in the “Export Audio Mixdown” window, I can’t use the arrow Left and Right keys to enter the file name. Those keys are assigned to the transport “Nudge Cursor Left / Right” commands. In future updates, please disable custom key command functionality when entering filename. I’m on Mac OSX 10.12.6


Do you mean when the file name field is open already?

Is it new, did it work in the past?

Yes. When you are in the “Export audio mixdown” window, and want to enter or edit the filename in the textfield, I can’t use the arrow keys, because they are assigned to the “Nudge Cursor Left / Right” commands". When I hit those arrow keys they simply nudge the playhead cursor in the project window, and NOT the typing cursor in the text field of the “Export audio mixdown” window. This is also the case in the text query field of the media bay, and when I want to edit the file name or description of an audioclip in the info line.

In N7 this was never a problem!


It works as expected to me. I can use the left/right arrow to move in the File Name field in the Export Audio Mixdown window, even thought the KeyCommand is assigned.

Are you on Mac or Widows? Could you provide a video, please?

I have the same thing! Also when I’m in the marker window or the Mediabay window.
Any clue yet?

Best, Alan

I think this points to a much bigger issue which has to do with whether or not we should be allowed just standard OS functionality in dialog boxes/windows or be able to trigger other functions - AND whether or not those other functions should be consistent throughout the application regardless of what non-dialog window we’re in (i.e. same in mixer as in project window).

To me starting with Nuendo 7 this all seems less well thought out. I wonder if there’s a consensus on this though.

PS: A way to ‘extend’ functionality in Nuendo would be to allow for different key command ‘sets’ when different windows are in focus.