[BUG] Export Audio Mixdown window - 'Path' field behaviour

  1. Contents of field cannot be manually edited i.e. typing in path details like the name field above allows. You should be able to type in this field to change the path, create new folder etc.

  2. Clicking on field opens explorer at different location to that shown. Should open at shown location.

Not a bug, but a feature request. Moved it to the lounge.

Agreed to both of these, especially above in red

I’m with these guys here…I just want to type a file name (or let Cubase work out it’s own name automatically) and know that it’s going into “\sub-foldername of my choice”.

I often have thousands of audio part files in …\audio, and finding the exported ones in amongst them (usually by sorting on date-modified) is a pain.

This sort of thing should be taken as read in a mature, technically oriented program. If it’s really that hard-coded, then please hard code it to anything other than audio, freeze, images (or Melodyne:-)

Why can’t we just enter a relative path?

Personally, I’d be happy to edit a preferences file…

Oh, and while you are at it, please store all the export dialogue parameters with the arrangment. I hate having to re-type over all the fields from my previous export.