BUG - Export AUDIO


For some times I have a problem with exporting Audios from Dorico files.
I often work with the facility of mixing real audio (through a video file) with midi.
It is really convenient for me and users who do not read music or do not have enough time to read it.
I can thus easily create mockup with real and midi sounds which can be charming for the listener.

As I work most of the time with lots of tunes, I create as many flows as tunes I have for my client. I can associate a different video file to each flow, which is great. It works well on immediate listening. But as soon as I want to export Audio in audio files, I bump into problems.
I have the same problem with all versions of Dorico.

I’ll try to be precise cause there are any behaviors.
In my Dorico file I have 17 flows, every flow attached to a different video :

. If I choose to export all flows in a same file, it works great. Everything is synchronized
. If I choose to export all flows and each flow has to be in a different file. It goes wrong. Each flow exported is synchronized with the video of the first flow. Bad… :slight_smile:
. If I choose to export flows in a same file but I choose to export first second and fourth flows, the first and second is ok but the fourth is synchronized wi the third video…

I guess this it is not something big to correct. Maybe these possibilities were only not included in your test cases. Should be for the next release ?

For the time being I export the desired flow with video volume set to zero and I go back to Logic to mix it with the backing track. It is often quicker than exporting all flows in the same file and slice it into pieces…

Is it the same for You or am I doing something wrong ?


You’re not doing anything wrong: we do know about this problem and we have it on our backlog to be fixed, but I’m afraid it’s not something we have yet been able to prioritise in fixing.

Thanks for your fast answer.
I guess You have some bigger things to resolve. But also keep in mind that your users can lose their time doing the same boring actions because of an odd bug. And that it should be taken into account when bug resolution comes.
Even if I am totally fan of your work, and you tools (Dorico, Sibelius)… :slight_smile: