Bug? Export markers as part of a track archive - Error C603

Hi @ all,

I got the german Version of C6, but anyways. In the english C6 manual it says on page 144:

Exporting markers as part of a track archive (Cubase only)
If you want to use your marker track in other projects, for example to share it with other users, you can export it as part of a track archive. Select the marker track that you want to export and select “Selected Tracks…” from the Export submenu of the File menu.
The following settings are exported:
• The start and end positions of cycle markers
• ThemarkerIDs

This is what I have done:

  • create EmptyProject
  • create Marker Track with a marker (I created a cycle marker) in it
  • proceed to export the marker Track like it is written above in the manual.

Unfortunately I get the followin error (attached as a picture)

Can anyone help?
Thanks, lokotus
Bildschirmfoto 2011-08-25 um 15.20.24.png

Hey - nobody else got this problem??

Cheers, lokotus