[BUG] Export Mixdown: Nuendo changes locators

Is this another “advanced feature” or am I doing something wrong?

I am working in a project with an long video track and a short video track.
The short video track is the lower video track so this is the “active” video track.

I selected this short video track and pressed KC “P”, in order to set the Left and Right Locators to the length of this video-track. Nuendo shows the correct Left and Right Locator-positions.
Now, when I select File/Export/Audio Mixdown and when I don’t make any Cycle Marker Selectionin this Audio Mixdown-WIndow, I was in the understanding that Nuendo would export the project length which I set by the Left and Right Locators?

Now…when I finished my export, it turned out that Nuendo automatically took the length of the long video track to export. Nuendo also visibly changes its locators to “the long video track” when it finished exporting…
What am I doing wrong???