[BUG] Export Selected Events Output Path Doesn't Get Saved With Project

When I work on a project and bounce something to disk, I specify the path. This path is then saved with the project. I can open project A and when I bounce, it saves it to the path specified all the time.

But Export Selected Events is not saved with the project. It always defaults to the last location. Meaning:

  • I open project A and set output path A. I export selected events to output path A.
  • In the afternoon, I work on project B. When I export selected events, the path defaults to output path A. I have to manually hunt down the right directory for output path B and export there.
  • I realize I forgot something in project A, open project A, and when I want to export selected events, I again have to hunt down the correct directory to output those files to output path A, otherwise they end up in output path B, as this was the last location I exported to.

This can’t be right. Especially when you’re doing game sounds where export selected events is the main way I export hundreds of sounds with a specific naming convention at a time.

Suggestion: Save the output path with the project, as in the regular Audio Mixdown dialog.