[Bug] Export track Archive

When I exported an audio track, using Export Selected Tracks (with some different takes) from my MacPro in C6 32bits and opened it on my Win7 system, some parts are silent (missing parts)… :neutral_face:

Could someone else try this too, please?



This too did happen to me. A very strange bug indeed.



Export in 24 bits.

Yes, it would be a workaround, but the ideia of export selected tracks is to have all the tracks intact.
For example I’ve many clients that usually go recording some vocals takes with me and then they want to lead all the takes to edit at home. I usually record the all the leads takes on the same track, using the Lanes. Then I export it using export selected tracks to the client…

How about “export to wavelab”?

It’s the same as export to 24bits, but just open it on Wavelab…
(Export to Wavelab is a batch command that exports the project to any audio file and then open it on Wavelab…)


Do you have VariAudio active on the original tracks, the ones that go blank?
The OMF feature at least cannot handle VA correctly in C6, C5 is a bit better but not perfect.
Maybe the same defect applies to your problem?

Edit: I should mention that the statement about OMF only applies to me atm, haven’t had the time to try to get it confirmed as a bug.


I don’t remember, but I think I don’t had Variaudio on those problematic tracks…



Do you have put a Project offset ?



I don’t think so, but let me check…