[BUG] Export Window Problems


I’ve found an issue that it’s easy to repro:

  • Open the export window.
  • Edit the separator in the naming options.
    Result: all text boxes stop working.

Anyone can confirm this?



Pretty much-- I’ve had the same thing happen when trying to change the counter value in the “naming schemes”. Have to close the window, open it again, and then very carefully scroll to the desired number using the hard-to-hit arrows to the right of the number.

Attempting to just input the number per convention jams up the works just as you’ve experienced.

So… in other words, “Naming Schemes” definitely has some bugs to work out!


It works as expected here on my PC (I don’t have an Apple).

The ‘Leading Zeros’ and ‘Counter Start Value’ boxes only become active if ‘Channel Batch Export’ is checked on the main Export screen - same result using N5.5.6.

The boxes aren’t active for you under Cycle export?


Errrrrr - yes they do, but I’ve never used that feature.