[BUG] Exporting Selected Events Arbitrarily Cancels


I’ve encountered a weird effect which I think is a bug. The following happens. I select a bunch of events and want to export them using “Export Selected Events”. Nuendo starts working. It tells me I selected 53 events and it is grinding away. I see in the UI that it solos tracks, sets regions to export etc. I walk away. When I come back I notice there are only 20 sounds. Or 5, or 38. Sometimes it does them all, sometimes it just seems to cancel. No warning, no error message.

I haven’t found out what it is. Do I have a channel soloed? Do I have an active loop region that’s interfering? I would think this should not matter. I have to do more testing but has anybody encountered this? Of course with no error message with longer export jobs I have to literally sit in front of the computer and wait and observe if the job finishes. Super annoying. I cannot trust Nuendo to export all the selected events, which makes things very complicated.

hey chris.
I had problems too with the feature, but the Nuendo just got stuck during the process.
tried few times and stopped using it.

Now that I’m exporting files again I played with it more. It’s a bug in my opinion, but a small one with an easy workaround.

Turns out that if you have SOLO enabled, Export Selected Events only exports the events on the track that is soloed instead of all selected events. If you turn off solo, it exports all selected events correctly.

At least this currently seems to have fixed it. I’ll see longer term if there are other dead bodies buried in this feature. I’d pretty much like this dialog being reworked to have more features of the regular export dialog available. Like mixdown to mono, have a specific loudness normalization, same output path…