BUG: External FX contradiction

When creating an external effect setup in VST connections for devices that offer DUAL MONO and STEREO operation their is a contradiction in play that inhibits usability of said device…

I have a two channel dynamics processor that can be used dual mono or stereo however I’m forced to setup VST connections in such a way that complicates usage.


Dual Mono Setup

-Mono Device L
-Mono Device R

-inserting both channels of this device on a stereo track I would have to waste two insert slots

Stereo Setup

-Stereo Device L & R

-Inserting on mono track will use channel 1 but prevent channel 2 from being inserted on a second mono track

…as you see either way I’m screwed…

The issue is, VST connections prevents me from creating a Stereo instance of this device in addition to a Dual Mono instance. VST connections prevents me from assigning ins and outs that have already been assigned. In other words I can’t create multiple external devices with the same input / output settings.

Please fix.

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External effect routings are a huge pain. No matter what I do, I always have to reassign external effects i/o when opening a project.