Bug: External HW plugin causes sync problem when bypassed

This one had me stumped for 30 minutes:

I have a “standard” chain of plugins inserted in the Master section, bypassing as needed. External Hardware is one of them. Today I was editing some sounds for a game, needing ms perfection. I quickly noticed that the sound was playing before its visual representation (“waveform picture”) varying with my buffer size. Trimming became hit and miss–mostly miss. I then got a small epiphany: removing the already bypassed External HW plugin. Hooray, all was ok again. I assume that this is not the intended behaviour? Bypass should really bypass?

I’ll try to remember this for next time (or should it be fixed?) :slight_smile:


IIRC, bypass keeps the plugin in the audio chain, making it possible to quickly un/bypass. This contrary to switching the plugin off with the on/off button. Just make sure you have it off and you should be able to keep it in the slot.