BUG: Fade creates a pop


Recently experiencing a bug. When I add a fade at the beginning of a certain clip, it creates a pop which disappears once I remove the fade.


Any suggestions on what I can do to solve this?




How long is the Fade In exactly, please? I would like to try to reproduce it with your NO Fade file.

That sounds like a processing overload glitch to me.

I have this randomly since years, on my old and my new system, but only in playback and not when rendering. And the position of the pop changes with the position where I start the playback.

Now I’m getting the same bug in other projects. This had never happened to me before.

It happens on playback because Cubase if having to do the fade on the fly. On render it has a buffer so the glitch doesn’t appear.

Raise the your project buffer or input the fade in the automation lane instead.

No, it was audible at the exported file.

Could you check your system vis LatencyMon?