[bug] Fatal crash when removing a flexphaser module

Bug receipt.

  • Load Halion 5 (vsti or standalone version)
  • Ensure default program is loaded, or load it (Halion City).
  • In the program tree, select a flexphaser module, for example the one found on Trium’s layer.
  • Play some notes or a chord.
  • While it’s sounding, delete the selected module by pressing DEL or with the corresponding option in the menu.
  • Crash.

Tried on Windows 7 64 bit, both vsti and standalone 64 bit versions. Crashes Cubase directly without option to save work.

Please confirm.

Confirmed here, OSX 10.9.2, though for me it’s only the Auron Flexphraser that triggers it.

Dear Dorremifasol,

I was able to reproduce this issue as well.
I have created an entry about this issue in our Bugbase and hope the devs will fix this problem as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Many thanks, fstaudio and Jan!