Bug Filter LP/HP EQ

When opening a saved project the sound has changed. It is clearly the LP filter in the standard Cubase 9.5 EQ. It’s as though it’s at a completely different value than displayed. Turning it on and off again and everythings back to normal. This has been happening for a good few weeks now. It’s not ideal going through each filter to make sure everything as should be when first loading an old project.

Any Ideas. I’m on PC.


Make sure you are using the very latest Cubase 9.5.30 update, please.

Could you please write step-by-step repro?

Thank you for your reply. I’ll check my version but i believe i’m up to date. There is no real step by step repo, i’d normally always include them but it’s broken from the start.

  1. open previously saved project
  2. sound is clearly wrong
  3. find sound throwing mix
  4. turn LC filter off and on, improvement
  5. do this for other random filters that are wrong

Updated to 9.5.3 and this is still happening.

This has been reported many times, can’t remember what the fix is.
If you search the forum, there should be threads about this issue.
As far as I remember, changing all the filters and re-saving solved it for me; but I could be wrong.

Thank you. I did do a quick search but not sure what to search. I’ll try again. I’ll try changing the values of the filters and resaving. All I was doing was switching them on and off, which can still result in them being wrong in some reloads.

Issues with pre section ar quite old ones. Heres my latest report.


I also wrote a few support tickets but never got any useful response(if any at all). I wouldnt hold my breath this would be solved in a timely manner.

Slightly different but i do remember something like that happening sometime back too. Thank you for the link. Here is some more.