[BUG!] Find Silence / Strip Silence

N 8.1 is at least fine to work with now. way less crashes! Thats a good thing!
But, what happen to the “find silence tool” - i was used to be able to “select all to process” check mark.
Since we do a lot of voice recording, this is a crutial feature for us - it saves time!
Please fix this asap!

+1, we need this back for sure.

+1 was also going to post about this.


Here, sometimes appears, sometimes not. I’ve tried opening several times the find silence window and maybe one of ten it appears.



Another curious thing is that when you select more than 1 file and process one by one , the files disappear after you press the process button and reappear processed after you finish the last one.

BTW I´m on windows 10.