BUG: Find Track/Channel does not work for folder tracks when hidden

Find Track/Channel doesn’t seem to be working for folder tracks when hidden.

  1. Create A new Empty Project
  2. Create 5 Audio Tracks
  3. select the newly created tracks
  4. Perform the command “Move Selected tracks To new Folder”
  5. Rename the Folder “SYNTHS”
  6. Right click on the Folder track and select “Hide Selected Tracks”
  7. invoke the command “Find Track/Channel”
  8. In the search field type the word “SYNTHS”
  9. Hit return (or enter) ----> NOTHING HAPPENS bug

Expected behavior:
As in any other container type or track type, folder tracks should become selected when “found” in the “find Track/Channel” command window. This is also true if the aforementioned tracks are hidden.

Cubase 12.0.20
Mac Osx Catalina 10.15.7

On Windows this is working as it should. I mean, the folder appears in the search list and gets selected when I click it. Any chance your Folder Track was already selected ?

Works here as described. Nuendo 12, Mac OS Big Sur.

Just edited my original post, this bug seems to only happen if the folder tracks you are trying to find are hidden.

Right, there is indeed an issue.
Hidden Folder Tracks do not become visible when we select them from the Find Tracks list.

It only affects Folder Tracks as any other hidden track types become visible as we select them. That means, selecting a track that is within the hidden folder track makes both that one track AND the folder to become visible, but not if we only select the folder.

Still not fixed in 12.0.30. !

Actually the issue is only when there are audio/midi tracks inside the folder.
If the folder is empty, it becomes visible.

Updated reproduction sequence :

  • Create two Folder Tracks,
  • Create one Audio Track and put it in one Folder, so the other Folder remains empty,
  • Open the Visibility tab and Hide everything,
  • Click the Find Track/Channel button on top of the track list (magnifying glass button),
  • In the list, click the empty Folder,
  • Result : The Folder Track becomes visible.

  • Now click the Folder that has the Audio Track in it,
  • Result : The Folder Track remains hidden.

  • Now click the Audio Track that is inside the Folder,
  • Result : The Folder Track becomes visible.

find track channel Folder bug

Still not fixed in 12.0.40.

Update from the support :
This issue is still “work in progress”.