bug fixes from 8.5.2

The only thing that would make me purchase 9 is to know how much bug fixes and behaviour changes have been made.

Where can I see the list of bug fixes from 8.5.2?

yes please

Am I wrong to think that it is completely wrong to pay for bug fixes?

No way I’ll pay 100 euro for just the bug fixes. They should release another patch with just the fixes for free.


I agree, but it is what Steinberg has done to me…I am still waiting for VCA without bugs (2 years now)

+1 mate…

Bug fixes should be free, true. But this is no reason that bugs cannot be fixed for C9. Surely they fixed some bugs, no? I would like to see list too, maybe that will convince me to upgrade.

There’s a Version History on the site for 9.0 to 9.0.1, but not for 8.5.2 to 9.0. At least, not one I can find.

Anyone who uses jBridge should check that 9.0.1 pdf; apparently it doesn’t work with C9.

Maybe Steinberg see C9 as a completely new version so there are no bugs (yet)!

There will be another maintenance update for Cubase 8.5.x next year.
At this point, there is no version history for 8.5 -> 9 bug fixes but I’ll ask for information on that. Might take a bit though…

Yep, we deserve a bug fix update. We shouldn’t have to rediscover this stuff. It was a pricy update and I am happy to have the new features but give some consideration here. Even if the list is small we should know where we stand.

With all due respect Ed, it´s incredible you don´t have such list ready. Don´t you read your customers posts, we need lots of bug fixes, I have been waiting for VCA to work reliably for TWO years!

A lot of folks here were hoping a bug fixing and consolidation of the engine update in 9. None of this happened I think.

Has the multicore performance been upgraded? cubase is laggin behind the competition.
Does the instrument tracks disabling has been fixed to retain their midi connections?
Does the record arm with VCA and instrument tracks bug has been fixed? (when you open the key editor)

we would like to know what has been fixed please.

"32-“bit plugins handled by “jBridge” to be bridged to 64-bit
are not available in Cubase on PC Windows systems.

Cubase and jBridge as well as additional components such as the Plugin Sentinel all need to be started with administrator privileges, however, this is not recommended. Please contact the plug-in vendors for updates to 64-bit versions of affected plug-ins.”

Any confirmation on this? Does jBridge work properly again when Cubase, Plugin Sentinel and jBridge are started with administrator privileges on Windows? I have a couple of 32-bit plugins that I cannot replace by any means, they are my go-to favorites, and have been for a long time.

I’m getting the feeling Steinberg only cares about flashy new features at this point. Staying with extremely reliable…super efficient Logic X thanks.

I’ve been producing music all year 8 hours or more a day with Cubase Pro 8.5 which is full of bugs.
And now I’m just supposed to forget about it… And just buy Cubase Pro 9. I don’t think so Steinberg.
No 8.5 update until next year. What a joke. :laughing:

Well, sorry guys. We have had this discussion now with every major release and we never had a fix list for previous to current major releases. As mentioned above, we will most likely be able to provide a list later on and another update for 8.5.x is in the making. This answers the initial questions -> topic closed.