Bug fixes in C11

Can anyone point me to a list of bug fixes in C11? This may determine whether or not I upgrade.


I would like that too.
There really aren’t any features in the update that I really need but - bug fixes - that’s another story.

They’ll probably release a patch with this first batch of bug fixes to the 10.5 version as they usually do.

In addition, it would be a bad consumer behavior to pay 100 bucks just for bug fixes when no new features interest you. Don’t give them ideas… :wink:

I’m currently using Cubase 10.5 Pro on a trial license and intend to buy. Unless there are major bug fixes, I don’t want Cubase 11 for its new features, and would be happy to stick with Cubase 10.5. If I now go ahead and purchase Cubase 11, will the already-installed and setup Cubase Pro 10.5 work with the Cubase 11 license on my e-licenser after purchase? I assume so, but thought someone here would know. I’m new to Cubase, but LOVE this software coming from Logic, Reaper, and Pro Tools.

Unless they changed something recently, YES.

Looks like Steinberg is focusing on hobbyists.

I’m not that eager to update considering there are few added features that interest me.
More plugins and Scale Assistant are absolutely LAST on my wish list while workflow enhancements are no 1.
If there for instance had been an improvements made on External Instruments, External Fx, Quick Controls, a decluttered Halion and so on I wouldn’t be hesitating.

The only thing of interest I’ve seen so far is possibly the enhanced key edit and alleged “Maximum Mac performance” (what does that even mean performance wise?) If on top of that, the dreaded “keyswitch”-bug has been squashed and ARA now allows for comping and the edits has stopped clicking and popping it might be worth an update. That is on the other hand something you shouldn’t have to pay for considering ARA was introduced with v10 (at least on paper).

I’ll have to delve deeper before deciding to stay with Cubase as my main DAW or not. :thinking:

I am waiting for the 10.5 bug fix release. If that doesnt address the issues I have had since 10.0 then I am certainly not forking out for 11.

Much appreciated, thanks!

I’m also interested in a list… I noticed trackpad/magic mouse scrolling wasn’t listed on the website but that’s a really HUGE thing I’ve wanted for a while… it would be great to know what other little things were addressed please Steinberg!

Actually I think if you buy the 11, the 10.5 trial license will expire and you can’t use it, even if you have the 10.5 installed on your Pc. The only way is to buy a 10.5 license, which I don’t know if it’s still possible since there is now out the 11. Example: I had Cubase AI and I upgraded to pro, the AI version is no longer usable, the pro deleted the AI license. I have Cubase Elements 9.5 and it requires its specific license in order to work, My Cubase pro 10.5 does’nt make the 9.5 Elements work…each version has his own files and license. I am not 100% sure but better you ask to Steinberg

No, with a Cubase pro 11 license he can acess any past version. I still use 6.5.5 to this date, and I own Cubase pro 10.5 license (and I have 6.5.5, 9.5 and 10.5 installed here on the same PC). I can even open Cubase SX 3 if I need it.

Thanks everyone for weighing in. I’ll keep my fingers crossed after the purchase of 11 regarding using 10.5 (sounds like it should work), but that will be in two weeks time and I may just migrate to 11 anyway. You know how it is: 10.5 is working so well I’m afraid to upgrade to 11…

dont upgrade is my advice …all was well till i paid them £85 to screw up my system multiple monitors now all over the place… if a i have to go through all my songs to fix them every time i update then i might as well look at another daw …with a proper helpline