Bug / Flaw in New Feature - Import Tracks/Settings from Projects - Importing Mixer Settings CLEARS existing Automation

I found a bug with the Import Tracks/Settings feature. If you try to import the mixer settings, it will clear the volume Automation and probably other automation too on the matched channels. This is when the Automation checkbox is UNTICKED. Existing Automation on the channel that is being replaced is wiped. I have a video of me discovering the bug here: Cubase 10.5 - Testing New Features & Discovering Bugs/Issues + Unpaid Review with Drama! - YouTube

The channels should not have their Automation wiped. This does not occur when you manually open the project, Save Mixer Channel(s) and go back into the project and Load Mixer Channel(s) as.

I actually suggested this feature request on the forums a long time ago. Although I’m flattered and happy that you guys did it, it was intended to be a replacement for manually opening a project, saving each channel on the mixer as a preset and manually going back into another project and loading each one in. You did the file name matching thing fairly well (although it would be nice to find similar names also rather than exact) but… it will only ever work if the channel you want to load the settings into is not already Automated. This makes doing it in an existing mix, not possible in most cases. Often you’ll want to compare vocal settings back and forth to get a consistent vocal sound across an album but these are almost always automated so manually opening up the projects is still needed.

Yeah this bug is still around. Would be awesome with a fix.