bug? flow contains ghost instrument


I have a weird problem with one specific flow.
An instrument is being played, which is not part of the score.
Also in Galley View I see a strange huge gap between the 2 violins.

To identify what is going on, I exported the flow as .xml file and opened it in Sibelius.

There seems to be a second (hidden) voice in the first violins (I can not see this in Dorico).

It might have to do with the fact, that I had a Divisi 1st violins earlier in this project?
22. Aria.dorico.zip (466 KB)

Yes, that is almost certainly the problem. The intention is for Dorico to act as if the divisi had never been created once you delete the final divisi change signpost, but there are a couple of bugs in the current version. This will be tightened up in the forthcoming update. For the time being you can create a new section player holding the appropriate instrument and copy and paste the music from the old player to the new one, then delete the old player.