[BUG] "flowTitle" token fails to render on first page

I wasn’t sure of the best place to put this, but I wanted to capture this behavior somewhere to make the development/QA team aware of it. I wasn’t able to find any posts on this

Token “flowTitle” does not render first page.

MacOS version: 10.15.2
Dorcio version: (Oct 7 2019)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project with any template
  2. In Write or Engrave mode, double click the project title (“Untitled Project 1” is the default value upon first opening the application)
  3. Replace “{@projectTitle@}” with “{@flowTitle@}”

Expected result:
The text “Flow 1” is visible in the frame

Actual result:
No text is visible in the frame

Attached is an example using the “Solo Piano” template, and you can watch a video demonstration here.

Hopefully this is helpful to the development team! I’ve been enjoying my trial so far beyond this minor bug.
FlowTitleNotRenderingExample.dorico.zip (420 KB)

Welcome to the forum, cnelly. This isn’t a bug, though I can see why you would think it’s a bug. If you want to show the flow title in the main text frame at the top of the page, you should also disable flow headings, which you can do on the Page Setup page of Layout Options, by setting ‘Show flow headings’ to ‘Never’.

Ahh. I see. Given your information, I was able to achieve my desired layout.

Thanks for your assistance and guidance!