[BUG] Freeze and Audio Mixdown cut the start of the exported audio file for the length of processing latency

Title says it all:

When I export Audio Mixdowns from individual channels with high-latency plug-ins in their inserts (e.g. restoration tools), the resulting export is silent at the beginning for (seemingly) the length of this latency.

Workaround: Add pre-roll manually, with a good estimation of this delay.

100% reproducible with NU 10.2, Windows 7 Prof., RME Hammerfall DSP audio system.

EDIT: Screenshot added

EDIT 2: “Freeze” added to the subject line (see message below).


is this happening with all plugins or only RX? I’ve had issues with RX in prior versions of Nuendo and I’ve always resorted to offline effects for RX when I wanted to make sure nothing funky would happen.

Thanks, Mattias,

I absolutely would use offline processing, but I constantly run into strange issues with its new implementation, that’s why I decided to do it the old-school way and bounce stuff.

Re: iZotope plug-ins: I was using Waves X-series too for testing, but as RX-plugs are the ones with the most obvious latency they were always part of the repro session. I’ll try another test run without them ASAP.

Does this happen when you do the same bounce through your mix bus? I mean to solo that track and do the same bounce through a bus.

Plug-in delay compensation works by proportionally delaying every plugin with a shorter latency to equal the plug-in with the longest latency. Actually, the path with the largest cumulative plug-in chain latency.

So it’s an interesting question you are posing. There’s nothing to comparatively delay within a single track. I’m thinking there is a compensatory mechanism built into the buses since that Is the only path wherein you could have an inequality between channels in the cumulative latency of assorted plugins. That same compensating mechanism may not be built in to a single track when bounced outside of a bus.

I’m just thinking out loud so you guys tell me if I’m making any sense.

This is what I suspect to happen - but I would have expected that the compensation for a single track is actually less of a hassle than the compensation for a whole mix in all its complexity. 8-/ After all, there’s just a few individual values which would have been taken care for by adding them. There’s no “outside world” for a single track.

… bouncing pre-processed individual tracks is what I do regularly when I take stuff with me for mixdown in other studios. It’s just that I tend to have huge pre-rolls in those cases, so maybe that’s why I never ran into this issue before - or maybe it’s one of the new bugs of NU10. :-/

I can confirm that this bug is NOT related to iZotope’s RX plug-ins solely. It happens with any plug-in, it’s just not as obvious in case of short processing latencies.

… and it’s even worse than that: The same problem appears when you Freeze a track. That’s quite a thing, if you ask me. 8-/