BUG--Frequency EQ's Listen mode doesn't work

Hi there, after the latest update of Cubase13 on windows 13.0.21, the Frequency EQ listen mode stopped working.
you click the tiny mic, click a band, nothing… still hearing the entire track.
This didn’t happen before, my previous version was 13.0.10 and there it worked fine.

Hi vorpal-blade,

the issue with the listen mode when clicking a handle in the graphical display will be fixed for the version 13.0.30.


ok thanks. waiting for it.
harder to work without it…

oh by the way @andreasm since you’re already taking care of frequency issues.
Another thing I pointed out a very long time ago and was not fixed is that when soloing in mid/side and trying to listen to side signal, you hear a mono thing instead, which kind of doesn’t let you solo sides or know what’s going on there.

To reproduce, click the “Mic” create a Side band and click to listen to side band.

The expected result is like what happens when you do that on Fabfilter Pro-Q, which is you hear the different signals in both speakers and hear no mono at all.

I wish that’ll be addressed as well.

Alon. :slight_smile: