BUG? Frozen tracks don't move audio when Insert Silence is used

I have a project with a bunch of frozen tracks (VST Instruments that were “frozen”), and a bunch of “regular” (i.e. non-frozen) tracks. I used the Insert Silence feature to add a bunch of space at the beginning of the project, and I noticed that the tracks that were frozen didn’t get any space inserted, so their (frozen) audio events were misaligned. I had to unfreeze those tracks, then do the Insert Silence, and then freeze them again, for things to be aligned properly. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?

You are not doing it wrong nor it is a bug. Frozen tracks do not move with range functions. You did it right, you have to defrost, do the range function then freeze again.

Would be nice if done automatically but freeze needs to be done for a long range to incorporate LFOs, sustained MIDI notes, reverbs and such, if this is automatically done, we will have to wait so long for each attempt, so the current implementation is understandable. Since recent cubase updates we can now freeze selected tracks at once, so it’s not that painful anymore IMO.

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It’s easy to add space there, move the beginning of the project in the project settings dialogue.


Ah, thanks for the explanation!

Ooh, that never occurred to me, and adding space in the beginning is a pretty common thing I do. So thanks for this tip, I shall try it at once!

I tried doing that by changing the project start time to something greater than zero, but that didn’t do what I was hoping it would do (inserting additional space at the very beginning of the project). Am I doing it wrong?