BUG: full VST rescan after daylight savings time change

Occasionally I’ll boot up Cubase and it will do a full VST scan. This is pretty painful and can take several minutes. I’m writing this while I wait for the scan to finish.

Still waiting… :wink:

The thing is, I didn’t even install any new VSTs or change anything from the last time I ran Cubase.

Can someone tell me what causes this? How to prevent it?

Daylight Saving Time usually brings that on. System clock bugging out will cause it too.

Ok. Going to change this to BUG. Lots if productivity lost last night due to a daylight savings time bug.

Only happens twice a year, it’s been like that for ages, PITA I know but there have been huge threads about this before and it’s never been changed?

It’s a C6 bug now. Whether or not it’s been that way forever, it’s a bug and should be noted as such :frowning:

or possibly a feature :smiley:

An annoying, irrelevant feature that’s only redeeming feature (debatable) is that twice a year we have forum postings to remind us to put our clocks forwards or backwards.

I for one (UK) would prefer us to put the clocks to CET and leave them their all year round and dam the highlander farmers and so we’re told higher accident rates in the morning? :laughing:

this is very easy to “fix”:

disable automatic daylight-savings time adjustment in windows and it won´t happen again.
adjust the clock manually instead.

it has been like this for many many years in both cubase and nuendo.
have a look here:

You’re joking right? While I’m not the biggest fan of DST, it exists. Not going to turn it off. Bug should be fixed. Probably a single line of code in Cubase needs to change.

For me it’s a relatively painless process, but if it’s by design a dialog box with
Cubase would like to scan plugins now, this may take some time — with a yes or no option would help for some.
If its not by design it’s a bug.

As far as I am aware where I am, the UK DST doesn’t happen until next weekend :confused: . However it does seem to be problem with some although thankfully it’s never happened to me. I’ll do some googling in any spare time and see if I can’t find something.
Do you have anything like Cubase set for external clock that could be a factor? If it doesn’t happen to everyone then it could be a make of onboard motherboard clock causing it in certain programs like Cubase.

Not saying it’s not a bug but it doesn’t manifest itself on my systems. None of which are laptops BTW if that matters.

No, Cubase isn’t set to sync to an external clock. My setup is pretty vanilla.

Wild guess perhaps but what about Internet Time?

Here: http://www.nist.gov/pml/div688/dst.cfm

might throw some light on this.
Is your Cubase computer also the one connected to the internet? (mine is and, as stated, I don’t get the problem) Reason could be that when DST kicks in the internet does not kick in an “all change” message to the files.
In your time settings do you get a choice of “Internet time”? Mine has only one under W7 : time.windows.com
but I remember that I used to get a choice.
There are comments that when the time changes that some files (read only? say) may not change their dates to match and may create problems for some programs.

I’m just trying to find some suggestions as to whether anything could clear this up. I’ll chime in again next week if my system goes titsup Sunday at 1 oclock. :mrgreen: Bound to now.

My computer is connected to the internet and does the default behavior that probably 99% of Windows 7 PC does–internet time is on.