(bug) Gate plugin sidechain monitor not working when using external sidechain

When trying to monitor the incoming external sidechain signal in cubase’s gate plugin, I still hear the original processed sound.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add two audio tracks = track 1, track 2
  2. for example purposes, load drums into track 1, a pad sound to track 2
  3. add a gate as an insert on track 2
  4. activate the gate’s sidechain using the sidechain button at the top
  5. send drums over to the sidechain from track 1
  6. make the send pre-fader and lower track 1’s fader so that you can only hear the pad
  7. on the gate plugin, press the SC button
  8. on the gate plugin, press the monitor button

What you SHOULD be hearing is the drums via the sidechain input, what you ARE hearing is the pad.
This is not true when using INTERNAL sidechain - there I am able to hear the filter on the sidechain signal.

Just to make it clear - the gate actually works according to the external sidechain’s signal, but it’s impossible to monitor it, or its filter.

I’ve reproduced this bug on multiple macs with many OSX versions, with cubase versions 9 and 9.5. I haven’t tried it on a PC or on earlier versions of cubase.