[BUG?] Generic Control - Input/Output Selection

Hey guys! I try to change the Midi-Port via generic remote (lemur menu, but it could be any midi CC).
For this I programed in the generic remote setup the following: I
nput: Midi CC 1, Max.Value (number of available midi ports - 1);
Output: Midi-Mixer > Selection > Input/Output
The result puzzels me, as it kind of works, but not in any meaningful way: On midi input the ports get changed, but not in the order of the inspector-menu. I really cannot figure out how to set the max.Value … For some settings, Audio Inputs/Outputs get selected as midi-port. Huh …? I really don’t get, how this is possible, as these are obviously not available on midi-tracks!
Can anybody confirm this GR feature to work out? Is it a bug? Is it one of the things that never really worked?
Again, the most basic functions in Cubase prove to be quite frustrating …