BUG: global quantize grid note divisions stuck on 16th, midi CC stuck on 16th

edited to focus on the new groove agent 5 bug, described below:

The following features are not working:
p84 of the manual:
Global Quantize On/Off
Allows you to select which value is used when Snap is activated – the global quantize value on the toolbar or the individual quantize values for the drum sounds.

p86 of the manual:
Quantizing Notes
You can draw notes with a global quantization grid or with an individual quantization grid for each instrument

Global quantization has no effect on the grid at all. The only way to change the grid is per pad level - this GUI component is hidden from the GUI (it needs to be dragged!)

This also means that the grid values of the controller lane are stuck on 16th and cannot be changed. So it’s impossible to draw smooth curves in midi automation

edited to focus on GA5 bug

This is still happening over a year later. I cannot really be the only one?
Am I doing something wrong?

you have to drag resize the “key” window to find the per-pad grid settings?? RUJOKIN


forgetting about how totally un-intuitive this is, is this even mentioned in the manual?

so then what is the purpose of the Global Quantise button? why is it so prominent when it has no effect

Steinberg can you please fix the UI? what is going on here