[Bug] Glue doesn't work properly on multiple tracks

Summary: Glue doesn’t work as expected when parts on multiple tracks are selected.


  1. Create 2 instrument tracks.
  2. On each track, create 3 parts, which are next to each other, such as bar 1-2, bar 3-4, bar 5-6 (inclusive) - you have three ‘blocks’ on each track, with no space in between.
  3. Select the middle part on each track (bars 3-4 in my example)
  4. Using the glue tool, click on one of the highlighted parts.

Current Result:
The part that you click on is glued to the following part (as you would expect with the glue tool). However, the part on the other track is glues to the part before it. This happens to other tracks if you have more than 2.

Expected Result:
The parts on all tracks should be glued to the following part (as if you’d used the glue tool individually on each track)

Cubase 6.5.0 x86, Windows 7x64. Also tested and happens on Cubase 6.0.1 on Windows 7 x64.

Confirmed (Cubase 6.5 x86).

A workaround is to select the parts to be joined before applying glue.

confirmed on 6.5.1 win7 64bit

a work around is to select your parts and glue from the bottom most part which then glues forward instead of backwards


Bump: While there are workarounds, it doesn’t work as it should do… surely this should be fixed? (Or at least put on the list…)

Confirmed (RIO 3456)