[BUG] Grace Notes Replay Issue

Hello all,

I have found an issue with the replay of grace notes.

It seems like they occasionally supress the second/main note if it is of the same pitch.

A basic example looks like this:

Bug_Grace_Notes_Replay.dorico (1.1 MB)

And sounds on my computer like this:

The first bar is played wrong and the second bar is played correctly.

By trial and error I figured out, correct or faulty replay depends on:

  • tempo
  • at which beat the notes are loacted
  • grace note on same pitch as main note or not

and it does not seem to depend on:

  • restarting Dorico
  • creating a new project and recreating the notes
  • chosen instrument
  • VST setup
  • if it is the first or a later occurance of a grace note
  • complexity of surrounding score (number of bars/instruments/notes etc.)

My replay options look like these:

And I use:

  • Version (May 30 2023)
  • Dorico 5 AudioEngine Version
  • Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045

I would be thank full if this bug could be fixed or if anyone could point out what I might have done wrong.

Best regards,

Welcome to the forum. You have encountered a bug involving a grace note followed by a normal note with the same pitch which I have encountered before. If you don’t want to change the tempo to fix the bug, you can change the default grace note length to something smaller or larger than 1/6 like 4/25 or 17/100.

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Thank you @johnkprice! Your proposed fix, to change the default grace note duration, was spot on!

I am sorry to have opened a bug report desipite a similar one existing. I had tried my best to avoid it and will improve my research next time.