Bug? Group editing warning annoyance.

The c6 group editing rocks! Really helps working faster, but i got a small annoyance since using it.

-“Group editing could fail” pop up window becoming annoyant when you often switch between group editing and non group editing. Let’s say you are editing drums, you mostly edit grouped tracks, but sometimes, a single track needs a cut, so you punch off group editing edit the part and enable group editing again, there appear the
“Group editing could fail” pop up window. The first times it warned me were usefull, but when you have to click “ok” 200 times per day it gets counter productive.

A “please, don’t show me again” tick-box would be more than welcome.

Thanks for reading.

P.S.: Following Conman suggestion, here is the bug report:

1.Start a new session.
2.Record multiple drum track
3.Add them to a folder
4.Cut only one of the tracks
5.Enable group editing
6.Click ok on the warning window
7.Edit some more
8.Disable group editing
9.Repeat steps 4 to 8 until step 10 arrives
10. Be annoyed.

Start again . Either retitle as “Bug? Group edit warning”, say, or start a new thread with the same description but see if it can get on the bugfix list.