Bug: Grouped clips do not stay grouped when moving things with ripple active

  1. Put a clip on track 1
  2. Put another clip exact same length on track 2 (maybe just a copy of clip 1 for this test)
  3. Put another clip on track 3 - exact same length (maybe just a copy of clip 1 for this test again)
  4. Now… split the clip on track 3 into 2 separate clips.
  5. Group both of the clips on track 3
  6. Drag one of the clips on track 3 - and the other clip follows correctly
  7. Undo so it returns where it was
  8. Enable global ripple, and drag the clip on track one forward
  9. BUG - both clips on track 3 do not move… only one does… Group is not functioning to keep the two clips grouped.

Thanks for the detailed procedure, but I could not reproduce.

I can get it to do this only if the clip on track 1 starts slightly later than the first clip on track 3, even by a sample. So I guess that effectively ungroups the group?

Hmm… Maybe I didn’t have them lined up perfectly… but still, that shouldn’t ungroup the group should it? I can try to do a video if it helps, but yeah, I was dragging with global ripple enabled, and clips on both track one and two, AND the last clip of track 3 were moving… but the 1st clip on track 3 wasn’t moving (even though it was grouped with the 2nd clip on track 3).

You are both right, I confirm a fault.