BUG: GUI 3th party plugins not loading after update wavelab

Hi All,

After updating to WL 10.0.40 (same problem with WL 10.0.30) some GUI of different plugins like Cytomic the Glue, Some UAD plugins like BAX EQ/Shadowhill are not loading and nothing is visible (some like Manley of UAD are loading properly which is very strange).

I’m on MAC OS High Sierra and didn’t have any problems regarding these issues on WL 10.0.20 (only the crashes that sometimes happen)

Anyone else having this problem or is aware of this??? (maybe a solution) THNX :slight_smile:

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There are numerous reports of GUI issues on High Sierra, even a few actual Steinberg plugins I’m told. I think High Sierra should be removed from the supported MacOS list. Mojave will solve your issues.

Thnx Justin. Didn’t was aware of that. I’ll firstly go in to complete back-up mode and then try Mojave if it’s going to work.

Hi @Justin P!
Now I’m aware about this issue BUT, that was not the case in version 10.0.20.
This issue with High Sierra introduced on the previous update (10.0.30) and I was hoping PG would have resolve it in 10.0.40.
Unfortunately not…
My mac pro 5.1 cannot be updated to Mojave and I’ve stacked to v10.0.20
Wavelab 10 was advertised as compatible with High Sierra and in a routine update this compatibility broke.
Not a good thing from Steinberg.

PG will have to weigh in on what changed.

I don’t use High Sierra so I am only speaking about what others have reported.

The priority is to follow the changes made my newer versions of OSX, because the vast majority of Apple users update to newer OSX version. Hence it’s difficult to test old OSX versions.
Apple doesn’t hesitate to make breaking changes, unlike Microsoft.

Except Avid/Protools users they often have to wait a year or more
before upgrading/updating!

and yes I know this not but anyway :laughing:

regards S-EH

I understand.
However professional studios don’t make these updates each while, cause of the continuously daily works. I’m not saying we ever do but we cannot interrupt our workflow based on Apple’s yearly changes.
I would appreciate if it’s not so difficult for you and take a look on that.

Kind regards

I am also a Mac Pro 5.1 user and I just updated from 10.0.20 to 10.0.40 and now even the Steinberg Master Rig plugins GUI doesn’t work.

Because High Sierra is still officially supported, and because this was only a point-point release, I hope that Steinberg sees this GUI problem as a bug that was introduced with the update and will be fixed.

For a Mac Pro 5.1 to update OS to Mojave is really a very huge deal. With a 5.1, You have to update your BootRom and shell out for a new Metal supported graphics card before you can even attempt the update (and then who knows what else will break).

I’d stick with 10.0.20, but I use dual studio monitors and there is something broken that doesn’t allow monitor switching in 10.0.20.

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That is why I stayed with WL 9.5.5 on my Mac Pro. I don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars just so I can run 10.0.40. In my line of work I have to consider the price of upgrading vs what my clients are willing to pay. So 9.5.5 doesn’t have all the latest “bells and whistles” it works and works well. Why try to complicate my life anymore.