Bug?: Hairpin refusing to render (Edit: Much worse now, Dorico 100% hanging after crash and attempting auto-recover)

All 3 beats have the same dynamic entered… “sfz >”. 3rd beat refuses to render properly. This is true even when the single measure is pasted into a new file

sfz.zip (507 KB)

By “render,” do you mean playback, or appearance?

If you mean the latter, it’s because the spacing is too tight to display the hairpin. This has been discussed before, and I’d like to see the behavior improved (for Engraving Options–Dynamics–Gradual Dynamics–Hairpins–Advanced Options–Minimum length for hairpins). In the meantime, you can add a small amount of space using note spacing. Or probably better, add a note spacing change at that spot.

Just after making this post, my Dorico hung and had to be force closed. Now, every time I open it it tries to auto recover and again hangs. See file attached to first post

The file opened OK for me!

It seems to open ok if you open it directly, but all divisi is lost. (Vln 1 should contain div. a2, a3, and solo+gli altri at various points). If you actually put it in C:\Users<you>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 3\AutoSave it hangs during Auto-Recovery

Ugh, just realized that the divisi wasn’t showing up because it was opening in Dorico… 1.2. Didn’t realize I still even had that installed.

The note spacing change doesn’t work in galley mode, so I’m still calling this a bug.

A created object not appearing is a bug, period.

Galley view does not display manual adjustments in the score, either note or staff spacing, among a number of other types of adjustments.

It may not be the functionality you prefer, but calling it a bug doesn’t make it a bug. :wink:

Dan, there are more than one definitions of what a “bug” really is.
For example, while the German Wikipedia also includes deviations from what users expect, the English Wikipedia is much more narrow in their definition.

So if I, being a user from Austria, expect something to happen, but Dorico is porgrammed to do otherwise, it might be matching perfectly with what the programmers want it to do - but for me it would be perfectly correct to call Dorico’s failing of my expectation a “bug”. :wink:

By that definition, “bug” can mean “I wish Dorico would do X, because I think it should.” The term then becomes so broadly subjective as to be meaningless.

For that record, that’s completely separate from whether I agree with everything Dorico does (I don’t), or whether I wish it would do some things differently (I do). But a feature request is not a bug.

I agree with Dan.
Just because something bugs you does not make it a bug.

There is a difference between something “bugging you”, and creating an object and it displaying inconsistently. That’s a bug. If you entered notes and one of them didn’t show up, wouldn’t you consider that a bug? Why is a dynamic any different? It is missing musical information. Accurately communicating musical information is the point of the program.

I don’t expect spacing changes to show up on Galley View, because Galley View does not show those changes. By design. Again, I didn’t say I like this particular limitation, but at present Dorico unfortunately does not increase the amount of space in order to display the hairpin. It’s a limitation. Not a bug.

If you entered three quarter notes in 6/8, and Dorico split the second one into tied 8ths, you wouldn’t consider that a bug, even though that’s not what you entered. Because it’s working as expected. That is to say, as the programmers and designers have made it to work. Or more to the point here: the fact that systems with 3 or more verses of lyrics always collide badly in Galley View, unless you set an enormous staff distance value in Layout Options.

Here’s one of the threads where it has been discussed before: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=143793