[BUG] HALion 5 : edit combined MegaTrig modules

In Halion 5 :

1- add some Megatrig modules (2 or more) to a program or a layer
2- enable “Show MIDI Modules Combined”
3- select the program or layer you created in step 1 (so all modules selected)
3- in any Condition enter any MIDI Controller else than 0-BankSel.MSB, for example 1-Modulation
4- disable Combined View (in step 2)
5- check your MegaTrig modules : only the first one has the correct condition you selected. The others are randomly set, depending on the controller selected (to 0-BankSel.MSB in this example)

Same problem with Quick Controls in the Conditions.

PS : Why is there no bug reports forum for HALion ?!