[bug] HALion 5 envelope issue with macros


AMP Envelope settings does not seem to work on these Programs of the new HALion 5 synth macros:
“Init Trium”
“Init Voltage”
“Init Trip”

Especially the release is strange: even if I set it to 30 sec all I hear is just a short burst as a release.

The original “Init Program” does react to envelope modifications correctly.

Can you confirm? What to check to make them working?

Is there a way to load init Prog and the init Trium, into the same program.

Duplicate and sticky the envelope sound editors, line them up and compare carefully the settings.

Ok, the problem is with any synth that has a envelope interface (ADSR, whatever) on its Macro page.

Voltage, Trium and Auron are all affected. Just load their Init preset and try changing AMP envelope settings on the HALion Amp Envelope section – not on the Macro!

I did not try the Filter or other Envelopes.

The settings on the Macro page work, but not on the standard HALion Envelope > Amp page. Sometime the Attack an Decay work on HALion Envelope section as well, but the Sustain and Release parts ususally do not. They are disconnected.

Please investigate this issue.