[bug??] Halion 5 envelope issues


I have found a strange bug with the envelope filter. It just has a life on it’s own. My envelope points are moving to the beginning while i’m editing other samples. Sometimes a point at the beginning moved to the right, creating an unwanted attack.
Now editing the amp envelope It also creates envelope points lower than even possible, when I try to remove those Halion crashes.

What can I do ???
Is there a workaround for this problem? :cry: (I 'm using Cubase 7.5 as a host)

Is it possible to disable the key commands in halion?

Maybe I can give some more background info about this. I 'm loading a loop. Slicing it into pieces. Pasting the midi to trigger the slices. then I use the clipping filter. On every slice I want to put an envelope for the filter. It’s a fast envelope faster then 1/16 note at 140bpm . In Cubase I cycle trough one measure. I use the solo buttons in hallion to listen to the sounds when i’m changing the envelopes while playing.
i’m really stuck with this…

How many envelope points are you using?

I had a problem when updating from 5 to 5.1 where having too many envelope points caused strange behaviour, such as not playing the full envelope. It was solved when I updated to 5.1.10

If it’s a normal ADSR envelope, maybe you could assign the filter envelope’s attack/decay time and level to Quick Controls and control it via automation from outside the plugin.

Well, I’m not using a lot of points, but a very short envelope to shape very short base notes on a sliced loop. I’ ll try the quick controls,… btw i’m using 5.1.10 too