Bug? HALion Sonic must be installed to enable 3rd party VSTs

My plan all along was to use Dorico with Vienna Ensemble Pro hosting all my VSTis. So, when I first installed Dorico, I told the installer to skip HALion Sonic SE and Symphonic Orchestra (i.e., only install the base app and core components) to save some disk space. However, I couldn’t get any sound out of Vienna Ensemble Pro during playback. After a few hours of trying various things, I decided to go back and reinstall HALion Sonic SE and Symphonic Orchestra to see if at least they could be heard on playback… and they worked!.. but more importantly, Vienna Ensemble Pro decided to start working as well.

Coincidence or Bug? No big deal since I’m able to load my 3rd party VSTis, but if I could save about 10 GB by not installing the included content, even better.

Have you tried uninstalling just HALion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO)? Because HSO is taking up the most of the 10 GB. Just HALion Sonic SE is insignificant compared to that.

I wouldn’t suggest spending much time getting Dorico to work with VE Pro or other plugins just yet, as this is currently quite difficult, and there isn’t support for Expression Maps just yet. However, this is something we’re working on right now, and hopefully support for 3rd party VSTs should be much better in the next update.

I did this just now and nothing broke. Feeling bold, I uninstalled HALion Sonic and, sure enough, VE Pro stopped outputting sound again. So, it would seem Dorico requires HALion Sonic at a minimum for VE Pro to work. In any case, I reinstalled HALion Sonic (but skipped HSO) and VE Pro works again so I’m happy. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!